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Legacy Audio
Last Frontier Audio for high end audio equipment new zealand
Welcome to Lastfrontier Audio

  Providing the World’s finest in High End Audio, right here in New Zealand.

 I have 40 years’ experience tuning my ears in quality sounds and am now delighted to introduce to you products that were previously not available in New Zealand.

 I have hand selected these brands to meet the real world market; brands that are designed and individually hand crafted.

 AVM Germany offers the latest in digital, streaming, and amplifier technologies.  Now celebrating 30 years manufacturing in the Hi End Audio  Business.

 Gauder Akustik Germany provides modern looking speakers that come with unprecedented 10 year warranties.

 Trinnov Audio France has amazing room optimizing and home theatre solutions.

HiDimond Itlay is a hand crafted, high quality cable manufacturer.

 Legacy Audio USA offers speakers with classic finishes made in real wood cabinet making workshops; receiving numerous review awards.

 I am delighted to present a wide range of these quality products for you at my location just south of Hamilton, and invite you to make contact for an appointment only audio nirvana.

 Please click on the links below for the latest product information.

 Regards, Alex